It’s about time

to update this blog :-) Cob webs are all over here now I have a hard time posting :-) Kidding aside, yeah it took me a month to write something here :-) I have so much to post in here about my finds but I just can keep up. For all you know I have four other blogs that I am keeping and been monetizing :-) Anyways, even if I seldom post write up in here I am making sure that I get to drop on EC. It is not a perfect 300 drops though. Maintaining 5 blogs is kinda hard for me especially with a toddler :-)

On the other hand, I was brainstorming about this blog’s theme. As the title says ‘Blessie’s Finds’, I need to post relevant write-ups that goes around my daily finds, may it be fashion and trends, bargain hunting, grocery savings, freebies, being frugal, going green, baby essentials, and other related subjects. So from then on, my readers, if there’s any :-), will expect to read about my great finds. So stay tuned for the next updates folks. Hope you still continue to drop EC’s too!

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