I have heard about this high heels for infant when I was watching our local news. This is very interesting and accordingly it is baby’s first high heels :-) It is kinda hilarious actually when you watch your baby wearing this one. If I known this before when our DD is still a baby then I would probably buy it and try it on her. The owner of this budding shoe company is both from here in Washington State. If you are interested you can check out their store at www.heelarious.com. It is really very cute and their brand name heelarious is very fitting to their products :-)

According to the news as well that this baby’s first high heels is already ringing a bell with Hollywood Moms. If I heard it right that the shoes will be included in the giveaway bags at Emmy Awards. The owners really is very creative and is on the way of making it big. Although there are those that do not agree with it but to me it is very funny and something that a little fashionista baby can wear for posterity sake :-)

Note: I am not paid for this I only find the product very cool and something that I want to buy if only I have an infant.

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  1. LadyJava says:

    that is heelarious…hehehe.. but yet cute at the same time ;)

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