Fence for Baby-proofing

It is very important to baby-proof the house especially if you have a budding toddler. For us we did baby-proofed our apartment to include putting up a fence at the entrance to our kitchen. We bought it for $19.99 and it really serves it purpose. Right now our is off limits to the kitchen and this fence helps a lot. But lately she is looking for means to go up on it. The other day she took the pillow from our couch and put it at the bottom of the fence and step up on it. She is getting smart and using her head to look for solutions. I hope she will not attempt to climb on it so she will not fall. But for now I am glad we were able to have this fence.

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3 Responses to Fence for Baby-proofing

  1. what a smart little baby for thinking about the pillow,lol. how old is she?i have a daugther she just turned 1 last wednesday and she goes up the stairs if the gate is not locked.

  2. Surprisingly, I can still remember the feeling of defeat I would have when I couldn’t get over the fence.

  3. Michelle says:

    We also put up the baby gates in our home. My little one is 4 now and we still use the gates. They’re very handy to have around.

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