Waikiki Shopping Strip

The Waikiki strip is very popular for tourist to go shopping, site seeing and just a walking distance to the Waikiki Beach. You can see as you stroll along the strip throngs of people going for shopping as well as beach goers. There are also hotels and restaurants all over the place. Most stores along the strip closes at 11pm. We haven’t had the chance to stroll there since we did not stay long in Hawaii but we were able to have a walk around 10pm before we hit the sack during our first night.

I forgot what hotel is this but it is located along Waikiki strip and the top portion is a rotating restaurant.

The stores on the other side of the road. It may be the Cartier, Bebe, Ferragamo, and other designer stores that you can find there.

The Coach store. When hubby saw the price tag he told me if these bags will open by itself for you :-) I know he is only kidding when he saw the expensive MSRP :-) On this side also you can see Tiffany and Co., Nike and more designer stores.

I noticed that every corner on this strip you can see a lot of ABC store. This store sells souvenir items such us shirts, mugs, Hawaiian clothing, accessories and many others at a reasonable price though.
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