Gifts from Tita Shiela

I am late in posting these beautiful presents that we received from my cuz Shiela. We got it last Monday. The shoes and dress for Shiloh and the Lacoste pink sling bag is of course for me :-) They are all very pretty. Thank you ter for these.

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5 Responses to Gifts from Tita Shiela

  1. Ritchiela says:

    They’re gorgeous!

  2. Jean Marie says:

    Oh how I wish Sheila is my “tita” as well. ;-)

  3. Mariuca says:

    I agree, they’re all so pretty! How nice of Shiela to send u some gifts! :)

  4. omg! they are lovely!! somemore it’s in pink color!! absolutely gorgeous! :)

  5. hello bless! you’ve just been tagged coz you’re a mommies blogger! come quick, k! :)

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