Push Around Buggy

My husband asked me to buy this Push Around Buggy – Step 2 for our DD when she turned one year old. Our DD loved it and she likes turning around the stirring wheel as well as bang the horn for a beep beep sound. Sometimes she get so comfortable she let her feet do the stirring :-)

This riding toy is something that keep them occupied too when you are doing something around the house and very handy for taking a walk during summer time at the park or in your area. When I take a walk around the complex I use this instead of her stroller. If she is fussy I will put her in and push her around the house. It is very easy to maneuver and very light as well. The seat belt is very good too. When I put her in she will grab the seat belt right away and try snapping it together hinting me that she loves to be pushed around :-) One thing I can comment about this product is the loud noise its wheel creates when you are pushing it around.

Product Description: Give toddlers their first driving lesson with the friendly-faced Push-Around Buggy. Adults control the buggy with a convenient back handle, while little drivers sit back and work on their steering. A pretend click-start ignition key and a realistic steering wheel with a honking horn makes tots feel like they are really driving. There’s even a storage compartment under the hood for stowing away secret goodies. Help children practice safety by buckling them up in the kid-size seat belt. A removable carry handle makes moving and storing this car a cinch. Requires some adult assembly. Measures approximately 34.50″ x 43.50″ x 18.50″.

A picture of our DD when her and hubby took a walk in our apartment complex together.

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  1. Meg says:

    oh my gosh – my daughter loves it! she is 15 months and loves to inspect it, push it, ride in it, play with it – the whole 9 yards. her grandparents bought it for her & it was definately a good pick!

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