Swing Me Baby

This is the Fisher-Price® Rainforest Open-Top Cradle that I got for our DD. We bought it before she was born and I am happy with it. It really serves it purpose. She has been using it until lately. I can’t leave her alone anymore because she will stand up and I don’t want her to topple over.

Below is the product description that really caught my interest that is why I decided to buy it for our DD.

Baby takes a relaxing swing (side-to-side or front-to-back) as she watches plush rainforest friends in the mobile above play “peek-a-boo” among the leaves. While baby reclines in cradle comfort, one of 12 different songs play, along with soothing nature sounds. And when baby’s trip to the rainforest is over, the mobile swings away…until another day. The Fisher-Price® Rainforest™ Open-Top Cradle Swing features six soothing swing speeds, with a plug-in option that can save you money on batteries! Two-position reclining seat and 3-point restraint. Folds easily for storage.

Here is a picture of our DD using the swing when she was still 8 weeks.
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